Find Yourself Inside a Ram 3500

The Ram line of pickup trucks is a stalwart American brand. These trucks are loved in the heartland and elsewhere for a few key reasons. The first is their unmatched ability to get stuff done. The Ram 3500 line can haul more than any other production pickup truck. The Ram is also built to last- many people wait decades before replacing their Rams.

The current engines on the Ram 3500 are the true driver of the vehicle's long-term durability. Somehow, Dodge was able to develop a heavy duty, high charging engine that is still able to last a relatively long time. While similarly spec'd vehicles would last 80,000 miles tops in the past, they are reaching new heights- some as high as 500,000 on a diesel.

If you’re interested to take a closer look at the Ram 3500, stop into Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Wasilla today!



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