Fuel efficient vehicles serve several purposes. In addition to decreasing your carbon footprint, getting better gas mileage helps your budget. A mid-size SUV isn’t commonly thought of as vehicle with excellent fuel economy. The Dodge Durango proves one model definitely is.

Ways exist to improve a vehicle's fuel efficiency. Changing the spark plugs, for example, can help. However, the design of the engine plays the most vital role. With a Dodge Durango, the model with a six-cylinder engine delivers outstanding fuel economy for an SUV.

The recorded stats speak for themselves. With highway driving, 26 miles per gallon is usual. In the city, the conditions change. So, the miles per gallon drop down to about 21. When combining city and highway driving together, 21 mpg is the norm.

It is also not unusual for us at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Wasilla to feel you'll like the Dodge Durango. Come to our location in Wasilla and take one on a test drive.



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