Spotting The Difference In Leaking Fluids

Seeing any kind of fluid under your car can be alarming. If you know what each fluid is, then it can be easier to determine what might be wrong with your vehicle. Perhaps the most dangerous fluid to leak from your car is brake fluid. It usually has a slippery consistency and is usually light brown in color. Brake fluid can also be clear at times.

Oil will usually be light brown or black. It often has a distinct odor and can sometimes have a shine to the appearance. Transmission fluid ranges from reddish brown to dark pink. If you notice transmission fluid leaking, you should have your vehicle checked at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Wasilla as this can cause the gears in your car not to shift properly.

If you see green fluid under your car, then it's likely coolant. This is another fluid that you need to find the source of as it can lead to overheating. A fluid that is light brown is usually power steering fluid. However, it can have a red tint.



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